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Stonehenge Image by Simon Charlesworth

Celtic Background by Jen Emery of Ireland

Seamless Paper by Petr Katochvil

Scratched Wall Texture on Insets by psdgraphics

Callandish Standing Stones by Alan McKenzie

DraGon (Front Page) submitted by Lizijana at Fanpop.

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Flashing Mandala on Wiki by Lisa Konrad –

Sir Renly of St Rosinade Nodachi Sword –

Erroded Copper Key from

Dragon Attack by AndreeWallin

Magic from Troll Hunter by Kerem Beyit×1200.html

Barsella from Galata Tower by

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Shadowrealm by

Old Margreve Forest from

Ouroboros by Gail Bridger

The Wheatsheaf Tavern from

Alehouse Drake by butterfrog at deviantART

Hommnal’s Botanical Rooftop from

Flying Dragon on Wiki Front Page

Goddess of Healing on Wiki Front Page

Demon Mountain on Wiki Front Page

Wizard Hand on Wiki Front Page

Moonscape on Wiki Front Page by xploited

Shadow on Wiki Front Page by lilith84

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Haunted Wood on Wiki Front Page

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Venerable Bede by George Cattermole

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Masha the Dancing Bear taken from Beyond The Pale.

Wofl Killer from

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Nuria Natal Cover Pic by Marcel Mercado from The Southlands Campaign Setting

Gnolls by Marcel Mercado to be found at

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Garden City of Siwal from

Whirling Dervish by Max Moser

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Boys R Us from

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Desert Kobold by MestreWalla on DeviantArt

Character Portraits

GROUP PHOTO” of Schmidt Happens! by Mike Mumah of Deviant Art

GROUP PHOTO” of Arcael and The Oooze! by Mike Mumah of Deviant Art

Arcael – “Turin Turambar” by Istaevan

Lord Aaron Von Schmidt – “King Priam” by Mark Satchwill, UK

Captain Hendryk – posted by Edwin

M’thanth the Mocking –

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Tovrin Darnel – Sheldon Holt – from OP Old Skool Gamers SoW Campaign

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Semillion Chardonnay – painting by Taylor 2008 – sourced from

Arius Heritage –

Celia Black – Female Human Rogue from OP Loudwater Beyond

Pai – Female Sorceres –

Simon Taylor – Barfly –

Tyron – Bar Proprietor by Wang Rokly –

Drajan – Bartender –

Eric Estrada – Human Shadowsworn by Valar Morghoulis on

Sir Henry de la Zouche – Human Scribe – from

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Grigori – Human Rogue from “Dreamfall: The Longest Journey”

Spikey Jonze by Satyrikal on Deviant Art

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Alexei Splitleaf of Allain is drawn by Nate Hallinan from

Tad Familiar painted by Jonathan Yeo

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Nosmo King by DMac

Arenicus by Childersart at Deviantart

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Cassandra Per-Aten from

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Snakey Slithers by Kingjder on DeviantArt

Tolot the Toothless from

Captain Wadir from

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CSS Templates and direct VANGUARD assistance after the REFORGE from Wolfhound Jack
My greatest indirect inspiration is KillerVP and his award-winning site: A God….Rebuilt. I cannot thank him enough and his whole team are roleplayers par excellance!

Extra thanks to robertkety, arsheesh, Hoptowngamenight, Savannah, dawnhawk, madartiste, Basileus.

Adventure Log Images

Heroes by Unknown Artist

Barghest by Amalur at

Wolf by (Fanstasy Art Animals)

Gathering wood by

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Goblin Shark from

Quill Pen from

Eerie Chamber from To the Edge of the World by Wolfgang Baur C 2012 Open Design LLC

Nevermind Parody from

Picture of Crimson Drake from the Book of Drakes – see CONTENT above.

Bees a Buzzin’ from

Picture of Duxt the Mite by

Honey Queen from

Workhouse chattel from

Dust Mephit by Christopher Burdett at Deviantart

Angel of Zobeck taken from

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Carnyx Player from www,

Bloodtree from

Wolf by Kleberley Wallpapers

Backgammon Board from

Czerwonya Kohler from

Menacing Tree from When Trees Attack

Challenge of The Fang by Ferdinand Kreozot

Kobold by Chochi taken from

Scaler by Drakered on DeviantArt

Gryxx, Derro Madcaster from Paizo Libraries

Cartways Talk from

Gelatinous Cube from

Templeforge Airship by Yoshida

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Two Angels of Thoth from

Acolytes of Thoth by

Libary of Thoth from

Image of Anu-Akma from Phillip Martin Clip Art

Maraut the Elephant God from

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