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  • Reptilia

    !(media-item-align-center){width:720px}http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/216180/Dragon.jpg(Dragon Attack by AndreeWallin)! %{color:purple}_*The scaly skinned or “lizard” races can generally be divided into four groups – Dragons, Drakes, Dragonkin …

  • Captain Gullnipper

    Captain Gullnipper commands a speedy and well-built caravel with a competent crew. He barks orders at his crew and thinks nothing of shouting to any clients to get "off my deck and back in your cabins". He is a devout worshipper of Seggotan, Lord of …

  • Karn Gudin

    h3. %{color:purple}*STATUS: 5*%
    Dragonkin: +2 STR/ -2 DEX/ +2 CHA - Darkvision 60'/ Base Move 20'/ Intimidate, Diplomacy and Fly are class skills/ Energy Resistance: DR2 v Chosen Energy Type PROGRESSION as Dragon Disciple: Hit Points 1d12, …

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