Omi Israelite

Shiny Gearforged Gaffer of the Bargeman's Fellowship


This rather shiny Gearforged was specially commissioned by an unknown sponsor at the same time as two others, Yassar Arrafat and Menachim Begin, each working in key areas of the city’s industrial sectors. Omi is a Gaffer with the BARGEMAN’S FELLOWSHIP and, apart from his multitasking control of the workers under his command, is also known to be scrupulously clean at all times, even while working.


Omi started work with THE BARGEMAN’S FELLOWSHIP about five years ago and is well thought of by Barge King Sundra Karesh. He is a loyal follower of the Goddess YARILA and is known to have danced duets with Masha at The Dancing Bear. He is known to be a good sport and a fair boss to his bargeworkers and roving journeymen.

Omi Israelite is a loyal follower of YARILA and is also friendly with Bartiman Greenbough.

Omi Israelite

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